Upcoming Classes

Healers Academy 1

07/10/2024 – 11/10/2024
10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Healers Academy Level 1 certifies you to provide the Life Activation and Full Energy Balancing Session, as well as teaching to facilitate the Max Meditation workshop. Become a Certified Life Activation Practitioner and… Heal yourself so you can heal others Empower yourself so you can empower others Find your purpose in life and awaken others’ (more…)

Galactic Activation 1

12/10/2024 – 13/10/2024
10:00 am – 7:00 pm

As the energy of the planet and humanity quickly heightens its vibration, all of humanity has the ability to access the potential to live as a Galactic Being, which is why the Modern Mystery School provides the Galactic Activation to all those who are prepared and called to it. The Galactic Activation is a full two-day workshop which is about living in a (more…)

Professional Integration Day Life Activation Practitioners and Healers Academy 2

10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Professional Integration Day for LAPs is a day where graduates of the Healers Academy level 1 gather together as a community of Light Workers to refresh and refine their skills on the techniques of the Life Activation. Attendance at Professional Integration Day is a pre-requisite to maintain your certification as a Life Activation Practitioner with the (more…)

Illuminating Our Culture of Light

In a world often shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, there exists a beacon of light — the Modern Mystery School, a spiritual lineage tracing its roots back (and even beyond), to the legendary King Salomon. Our school stands as a custodian of ancient wisdom and a proponent of a Culture of Light, promoting values that feed the soul and spirit such as godliness, empowerment to transform, understanding, goodness, unity, hope, kindness, merit, building one’s own worth (making yourself worthy) and self-exploration to Know Thyself through challenges, meditation and more. This culture we live as initiates is not based on nations, race, skin colour, sexual preference, education, geography or any other human-minded separating element, but is instead based on unity for all in finding your Joy(s) in life and sharing that with others through the exploration of your individuality at all levels including your soul, spirit, mind, body and emotions.  All of this is done through walking the path of an initiate and stepping into a way of living that directs us to become more empowered, self responsible in our actions, thoughts and words along with our personal growth in overcoming our limitations. All while honing discernment between what serves that growth and what does not. Despite, at times, facing criticism or disapproval, we, the Modern Mystery School, contend that our teachings and clarities are a crucial antidote to the prevailing darkness and ignorance which fuel division and animosity in the world today.  Most humans don’t understand that the god we seek to help us and enlighten us is within the self, for YOU are God as all people are.

The term “mystery school” might evoke misconceptions, as it may sound esoteric or secretive to those unfamiliar with the term. The use of the word “mystery” could be misunderstood if not explained in the context of the spiritual or metaphysical. It’s crucial for proponents of the Modern Mystery School to clarify that ours is a culture focused on positive principles.  We are sometimes accused of being a cult by those seeking to remain ignorant of the truth or to misdirect people. Cults do not encourage individual success and spiritual independence, as we do. Such accusations also come from those who do not understand or have never comprehended that a group like ours could ever exist, with a Culture that accepts everyone from any walk of life should they choose to partake of it. Detractors, the jealous, drama queens, fame seekers and those participating in the Olympic level media game of disinformation will at times try to use our good and kind nature to climb up the ladder of attention for clicks and notoriety.  In reality we emphasize transparency, open communication, and a commitment to personal and collective well-being, which anyone truly interested in looking into us would plainly see in all we do. This along with our Joy is perhaps the greatest affront to our detractors.

The mystery in the Modern Mystery school is YOU.  It is not some secret action happening in some secret room.  The mystery is you, figuring out your innate divine nature as God or Goddess.

The Modern Mystery School’s oldest roots is our Hermetic lineage which dates back at least 8000 years and was a large foundation of learning and growth of King Salomon (and many others), renowned for wisdom and connection to divine knowledge. According to our teachings, the wisdom imparted by King Salomon has been preserved and passed down through generations (what we call lineage) evolving into a modern spiritual tradition that seeks to illuminate the path to Know Thyself, and enlightenment.

The Pillars of our Culture of Light

The teachings of the Modern Mystery School are anchored in a set of core principles that collectively form the pillars of our Culture of Light. These principles serve not only as a compass for individuals on their journey toward personal and spiritual development, but also as a guide to understand when one is walking in our Culture of Light’s traditions or not. Here one needs to understand that the lineage, which creates this Culture as one of its fruits, is ultimately a WAY to live that should it be understood and acted upon, creates transformation and change to a more Joyful and positive way of living and existing.  Getting to Know Thyself, though highly rewarding, is never easy as the WAY, our Culture, causes you to reflect on your decisions, seek greater clarity, push past old boundaries that hold you back, open your mind and most especially act in alignment with a better way of living for yourself.  This growth often comes through challenging our preconceived beliefs and examining them more closely to see if they serve us to grow, or hinder our growth as we hide behind a wall we created in fear. Often those that fail at this fail when they see the positive fruits others have obtained by overcoming their limitations, by living in alignment with our culture, and using this way of living. The cynics won’t make the changes necessary to do the same and what frequently occurs is a jealousy and contempt towards those finding the Joy within our teachings and way of doing things. Integrity, walking your talk, so to speak, is essential to being a part of our Culture of Light. For without integrity in following up on your commitments to change, you will have no positive transformation.

Tenets of our Culture

Our Culture of Light emphasizes the inherent goodness within each individual – all humans. It rejects the notion of inherent malevolence and encourages practitioners and students to recognize and nurture the positive aspects of their nature and promote the positive nature within others.  We could say to feed the soul and spirit of another with the LIGHT of positivity is the greatest gift one can give. Goodness is seen as a transformative force capable of influencing personal lives, and radiating outwards to create positive change in the world. This does not mean we ignore negativities or shortcomings and pretend they don’t exist, most especially within ourselves. But it does mean that we acknowledge that it is the light within us, the divine part of us, that can overcome those things that hold us back from becoming greater, more at peace, and more empowered.

Further, we acknowledge that there is a force that is good and holy that promotes our divinity, to know thyself as God, that we as a lineage have referred to for thousands of years as the Hierarchy of Light that holds within it beings of light, whose purpose is to help those who seek (through effort, humility and action) greater understanding and progression.  We further acknowledge there is a force that promotes ignorance of our divinity and works to direct us away from greater clarity and living a more purposeful and empowered life, through distraction and attraction to the mundane.

Unity and Compassion

Unity stands as a cornerstone of the Modern Mystery School’s way on our Hermetic path. The teachings emphasize the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of fostering unity among individuals and communities. By transcending artificial boundaries and negative judgments of others, our students – who are also practitioners — of our Culture of Light seek to create a harmonious and integrated world. This shift, toward operating in the world to a higher way, must start within our own personal lives, which for most is the hardest place to make change. Compassion is a guiding principle within the Culture of Light, urging practitioners to cultivate empathy and understanding for others and themselves. The teachings emphasize the importance of compassion not only towards oneself, but also towards others, recognizing the interconnected nature of all beings.


In a world often plagued by despair, our Culture of Light advocates for the cultivation of hope. This hope is not passive, but a dynamic force that motivates individuals to contribute positively to all societies, and in whatever people they encounter, and in whatever situations they touch. The Modern Mystery School seeks to inspire a sense of purpose and optimism, encouraging practitioners/students to envision and work towards a brighter future, the building of a better world for everyone, which we affectionately call Shamballah.  It is a term borrowed from Tibetan Buddhism that best defines the establishment of a better world based on UNITY, KNOWING THYSELF, LOVE and a higher purpose in living a physical life beyond the mundane of the daily grind.


Kindness is viewed as a powerful tool for building bridges and fostering connections. Kindness is an expression of strength that is more needed in the world today. Our Culture of Light encourages acts of kindness most often expressed through the concept of SERVICE, to dissolve barriers and promote understanding among people, and most especially within the self. Service to others, charity work, the promotion and acknowledgement of the good in the self and others are all acts of kindness we encourage our practitioners to express, as often as possible. By practicing kindness, individuals contribute to the creation of a more compassionate and empathetic society, one that more easily sees the plight of people in the world. It should be understood that in our Culture of Light, kindness is not WEAKNESS or the inability to say “NO!”  Sometimes the greatest kindness we can do for another is to say NO! Kindness should always be given but abuse, manipulation, etc., should be called out for what it is.  A practitioner of our Culture is encouraged not to be influenced or deceived by mistreatment from others.

Merit and Worthiness

Meritocracy and making yourself worthy is celebrated within the Modern Mystery School, where individuals are recognized and make themselves worthy based on their skills, abilities, contributions, efforts, and most importantly the fruits of their own progression and understanding of themselves, at the deepest levels. A life free of violence with an emphasis on merit creates an environment that values competence, innovation, creativity, diligence, and an ability and desire to learn and grow as well as excellence, fostering personal and collective growth and progression. Merit helps us to see our contributions to life more easily and to accept what must be worked on to improve the quality of our lives.

The Foundations of Family and Health

One of the greatest predictors of living a life of fulfillment is our relationships to others, and family is the most fundamental of those relationships. In our Culture of Light, we emphasize that family comes first, and underscores the importance of nurturing and maintaining strong connections with loved ones in our personal lives. This could involve prioritizing time spent with family members, supporting one another emotionally, and making decisions that consider the well-being of the family unit. In prioritizing health, we recognize the significance of physical, emotional and mental well-being. This involves making choices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, such as maintaining a good diet, engaging in regular exercise, taking time to allow your mind to relax and let go, having fun, managing stress, and seeking medical attention when needed to support your well-being.  These foundational elements of family and health serve as cornerstones for a fulfilling and balanced life. We acknowledge and encourage that personal well-being and the strength of familial bonds can contribute significantly to overall joy and quality of life. We encourage individuals to make decisions and choices that prioritize these essential aspects, recognizing their profound impact on overall life satisfaction while balancing an individual’s need to progress and overcome obstacles in coming to Know Thyself.

Knowing Thyself

Central to the teachings is the ancient adage “Know Thyself.” Empowerment, which fully forms when one knows thyself, is essential in our Culture of Light and is perhaps our ultimate goal. Practitioners of our Culture of Light are invited, in every class, seminar, spiritual healing, etc. to a journey of self-discovery, in essence coming to know God, by encouraging a deep exploration of one’s inner landscape, which allows greater understanding of the outer world. Through introspection, addressing questions one often has ignored or left unasked, while becoming more cognisant, individuals gain insights into their motivations, fears, and potentials, nurturing a profound understanding of the self, which is why most people come to our school.  Others yet may come for the “entertainment or the drama of it all.”  Still others come because they are simply tired with the life they lead and the choices they are making. Many will come because of a calling within for some kind of change and personal transformation. Most come because they feel a deep resonance for something spiritual and greater than themselves. But regardless of the reason one comes to a class, presentation or seminar, the focus is to more closely explore your own choices, beliefs, and the essence of who you are, and why you do what you do.

Discernment: Think for Yourself!

The importance of discernment in our Culture of Light is crucial. It signifies the need for individuals within this culture to exercise insight and discrimination in their thoughts, actions, and decisions. In a culture that values enlightenment, understanding, and positive tenets, discernment becomes a tool for distinguishing between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, light and dark, good and evil and constructive and destructive paths. It’s about cultivating the ability to make wise and informed choices that align with living life in a more Joyful, progressive, and empowering way. Challenges are viewed not as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth and learning. Our Culture of Light encourages discernment, our most important tool on our journey, as this gives us the ability to navigate life’s complexities with wisdom and clarity. Adversity becomes a teacher and self reflecting mirror, providing valuable lessons for those willing to engage in self-reflection and introspection.


The journey of self-exploration – Know Thyself! is centrally rooted in all the teachings of the Modern Mystery School. Students are encouraged to confront challenges and obstacles as opportunities for growth. Rather than reacting, being triggered, letting another control your emotional response our Culture of Light directs us to contemplate, breathe, listen and most especially discern the motives of one who wishes to harm you or simply disagrees with you. Meditation serves as a tool for introspection and connection with higher states of consciousness, facilitating a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. In a world so hectic, we often need to stop and go within. That ability to stop, pause, and go within to reflect on the whole (including the self), is missing in our world today as a tool for greater understanding.

Gratitude, Honoring and Respecting our Culture and Way

With our Culture of Light, we come to honor all those as well as all those systems that have helped us get where we are today.  This includes our family, friends, teachers, fellow Light workers, the lineage and our path and way, as well as society.  We acknowledge and accept that not everything is perfect, nor is our history nor even our now, but that each person, each situation, has a place with our growth and progression and though at times life can be and often is very hard, if we look closely with gratitude, we can see there is light in all things including every person.  The only way one will ever know the breadth of their own individual lives is through gratitude for having one, and all that comes with it. And yes, even the hard things too.  For those who cannot find gratitude with our Culture, the answer is simple. Do not be a part of it. For why would you want to do something you do not appreciate? It’s no different from eating food in a restaurant you don’t like. Why would you ever come back to that same restaurant for another meal? One who did this would be acting foolishly.

A part of honouring all we find valuable in life is the law of exchange that we promote. We recognize that one of the great evils of the world is greed, and we want to eliminate its hooks on humanity, and that starts in our individual lives. That means in everything you find valuable in life you should reciprocate in kind, as a sign of respect, gratitude and honouring.  One should never demand ANYTHING but should always be willing to exchange, for what it is they are asking to receive.

Free Will is Essential to Us!

In our Culture of Light, there is an acknowledgment that even though individuals have the freedom to make choices in everything they do, there are guidelines or principles that they should adhere to in order to maintain the values and integrity of the culture. This balance between free will and responsibility is a big part of understanding yourself and your influence over others, your family, society, and neighbourhood. Individuals are considered free to make choices, but those choices ALWAYS have consequences, resulting in the quality of fruits in your life.  These fruits reflect in your mind, the words, actions, thoughts and feelings that affect not only you as an individual but also the community or society as a whole.  There are those who declare themselves a part of our Culture and yet do not represent what this culture truly is, and in doing so work intentionally or unintentionally to besmirch the very essence of who we are. There are others who declare themselves in alignment with our values and beliefs, while at the same time behaving in ways that contradict these convictions. Without integrity FREE WILL doesn’t add up to much but an expressed belief to avoid improving oneself, and life.

Facing Criticism and Opposition

Despite our noble intentions and actions, and positive principles that are espoused and practiced openly by the Modern Mystery School, we often face criticism and opposition. People may not understand or approve of the esoteric and Hermetic nature of our teachings. Therefore, misconceptions and intentional avoidance of understanding our culture better can arise. It is easy in today’s world to stand outside of our Culture of Light and throw stones at something one has not explored for themselves. Using that exploration as experience allows us to discern. Prejudgement based on limited exploration, or the filtering of opinions through individuals or groups with an agenda, are the cornerstones of ignorance in this world. However, adherents maintain that acceptance is not the ultimate goal; rather, the school’s teachings are designed to resonate with those seeking a path of light and wisdom. For those who do not wish to do this, SO BE IT, for free will is paramount in our Culture! One will frequently note that though we have often had to face the slings and arrows of “haters” or those seeking fame and attention through using us as their excuses for their own shortcomings, our Culture chooses not to attack but to respond instead with love, acceptance, understanding and an open door for all, yes even those who once misunderstood us.

The Importance of Opposition

The Modern Mystery School contends that opposition and even outright hostility serve as a testament to the urgency of its mission. In a world grappling with darkness and ignorance, our Culture of Light stands as a counterforce, challenging ingrained beliefs and promoting a transformative way of life. Hating or opposing the school, according to its proponents, only underscores the need for its teachings in a world rife with division and animosity.  We accept as all groups that we are not perfect, and we work everyday to improve what we do as an organization and as individuals. However, we also have every right to do what we do, especially as each student is given full informed consent about the journey they are embarking on, in writing, as this very article stands as yet another testament to our openness. Moreover, we assert we are needed for this world, especially in this time. The very fact that a world so upside down would attack people moving toward unity and more love clarifies our very need to do what we do. In all our time you will not see one who lives in alignment with our lineage, attack another, besmirch another or spread hate, for those very things are not a part of the culture we are growing and supporting.

Confronting Darkness and Ignorance

The Modern Mystery School sees itself as one of the torchbearers in the ongoing struggle against darkness and ignorance, as many of our writings and texts say, The Keepers of the Flame.  We acknowledge the myriad challenges facing the world, from social and political upheaval to racial divisions, to environmental crises and more! Our teachings emphasize that by cultivating the values of our Culture of Light, individuals can become agents of positive change, unifying, healing and contributing to the resolution of individual and global issues. This healing WILL NOT come through shaming and finger pointing but instead through actions driven through the self to represent the change one seeks in the world.  You cannot fill the world with love if you think hate will create it.

Cult vs. Culture of Light

Our Culture of Light is vastly different from that of a cult as some very limited minded, attention seeking individuals may insinuate.  Our Culture of Light embodies a positive, enlightened, and inclusive ethos, promoting principles such as enlightenment through spiritual pursuit, compassion, understanding, self responsibility, and shared JOY, along with many other good and positive guidelines for living life to its fullest. Our Culture encourages personal growth, knowledge, and the betterment of individuals and the collective. In contrast, a cult typically connotes a small, often secretive group with extreme or unconventional beliefs, led by a charismatic figure who holds control over members’ lives and decisions, often controlling things. This is often done through isolating individuals from society and life in general, where an individual lives, who they have relationships with, what they eat and when they sleep, controlling information they are exposed to (very much like many government regulations appearing today in society) none of which the Modern Mystery School wants, desires or has any way, to implement in a student’s life.

For the most part, students come to classes for a few days per year (depending on where they are in their studies) and then return to their lives, hopefully taking with them some more tools, knowledge and understanding to improve the life they are building for themselves.

Leaving the school is as straightforward as not attending classes or seminars and discontinuing communication. We’ve made it easy with an automated link to opt out of emails (email, by far, being our primary form of communication). Our school values individuals who genuinely want to be part of it; we don’t chase after those who choose to leave. We focus on positive interactions and wish those who depart the best in their life journey, leaving the door open if they ever decide to return in the future. In simpler terms, no student, no matter how self important they may feel they are, is so crucial or indispensable that we would actively try to retain them if they have decided to leave. Frankly we have better things to do with our time.

Our Culture of Light thrives on openness, – as this very article attests. It is the pursuit of universal well-being and we encourage individual freedom within ethical and moral boundaries, and values of our Culture in the sharing of those positive experiences. We seek to uplift and connect and not divide and separate. For us the more you interact with society the better, and the Modern Mystery school chooses to teach being more engaged in life around you and not less! For how can we improve understanding or the lives of others if we choose not to be around and engage people in the world?

A World in Need of Unity and Understanding:

The prevailing narrative of separation and antagonism deeply concerns the Modern Mystery School. It recognizes that societal divisions based on race, religion, and ideology contribute to a fractured world. The more we blame others the worse the world becomes. As the list of those who are “blamed” for the ills grows, the more one is aimed, by those manipulating you, toward a belief that the obvious solution is to eliminate those who’s fault it is. This very twisted and evil logic holds that the elimination of groups and individuals will “cure” the world of its ills.  Many very evil actions have been taken based on this thinking, and the world is sliding ever so closely to these conclusions en masse. “Cancel Culture” is truly the lowest denominator of this thinking. Mass elimination is simply further down the same road, but make no mistake about it, it is the SAME thinking that leads to it. When one thinks eliminating any representation of a group they disapprove of will make their life and world better, one is walking a very dark path indeed. Through our teachings, the school advocates for unity and understanding, promoting a vision of a world where individuals embrace their shared humanity, and work collaboratively for the greater good. Compassion FOR ALL and a redirection to growing and progression must flow more readily into peoples’ lives, to raise a greater understanding and clarity of the world within and without.

The Modern Mystery School, rooted in the lineage of King Salomon with our hermetic and esoteric teachings, stands as a beacon of guidance. The school remains steadfast, having confidence in our ever evolving Culture of Light and our teachings that serve as a remedy for the darkness and ignorance affecting both the world and individual lives. It aims to address profound pain that conventional approaches often struggle to heal. As individuals who have embarked on the journey to Know Thyself and to enlightenment, our Culture of Light stands as an example, inviting all who seek a transformative and harmonious way of life to join in the quest for a brighter and more unified future

Written by:
Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon
Lineage holder of the Modern Mystery School