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Galactic Activation 1

As the energy of the planet and humanity quickly heightens its vibration, all of humanity has the ability to access the potential to live as a Galactic Being, which is why the Modern Mystery School provides the Galactic Activation to all those who are prepared and called to it.

The Galactic Activation is a full two-day workshop which is about living in a new way in order to become a different kind of human. The 24-strand DNA Activation is designed to open us and prepare us for our return to a Divine state of being.

The Life Activation results in the activation of 11 of the 12 physical and spiritual strands (which we call ‘codons’). The two codons which are not activated by this method are called the Galactic Code (physical DNA), and the Divinity Code (spiritual DNA). All Mystery School traditions have taught that when humankind is ready, a technique would be given to activate the last two codons. The activation of these codons would result in the manifestation of the Adam Kadmon, the God-like human being in the physical.

Day 1: The Body

The Galactic Activation or the 24-Strand DNA Activation activates the last 2 strands that have been dormant within us since human beings have been on earth. Once you have had the Life/DNA Activation (or what was previously called the 22-Strand DNA Activation), the Galactic Activation  activates the last 2 strands which is the missing piece in connecting the entire blueprint. This will begin a journey of greater flow in your life and you will start moving in alignment with your entire blueprint. According to science we have been operating at a mere 10% of our capacity, and now we can now have access to our full potential! It is time to have the hidden aspects of who we are awaken and unfold!

Day 2: Universal Connection

This process was brought to us by the Galactic Masters to help those who have received the Galactic Activation (on Day 1) accelerate the Divine Body building process.

The ‘Universal Connection’ improves the function of the pituitary gland and functions of the soul. It also helps to unite with the Galactic Mind and awakening of the Universal Consciousness.

This important step in your progression will lead you to a higher consciousness.

PRE-REQUISITE: Life Activation*


Booking Order for first time students:

First 15 = R6075

16-30 = R6360

31+ = R6480

DEPOSIT for first time students: R2700

AUDIT**: R2835

DEPOSIT for audits: R1350

Please note your deposit is non-refundable/non-transferable.

**Audits: Please contact info@juliatiffin.com to confirm the program you have previously attended to confirm your Audit pricing.



DATE: 10am-complete, 13 & 14 April 2019 (2 full days)

VENUE: Cape Milner Hotel, 2 Milner Rd, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town


REGISTRATION: Advanced registration is required. Please contact The Modern Mystery School Cape Town Administration to confirm your attendance: info@juliatiffin.com OR +27 84 680 6029. Once you have paid your deposit & sent your proof of payment, your final price & booking order will be confirmed.


*If you have not previously had the Life Activation, please let us know at registration.



The Joyful Living Association

Standard Bank Cheque Account: 071060219

Sea Point Branch: 024109

Proof of payment: info@juliatiffin.com



Universal Kabbalah Year Long Program 

Universal Kabbalah 2018 – Cape Town

KABBALAH 1: Saturday – Sunday 15-16 September 2018

KABBALAH 2: Saturday 8 December 2018

KABBALAH 3: Thursday 11 April 2019

KABBALAH 4: Friday – Sunday 5-7 July 2019

VENUE: Cape Milner Hotel, 2 Milner Rd, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

ENQUIRIES: Should you have any questions about the program, please contact Apprentice Kabbalah Instructor Julia Tiffin for more information at julia@juliatiffin.com

REGISTRATION: To register, please contact: Modern Mystery School Cape Town +27 82 782 8292 or info@juliatiffin.com

Payments to: The Joyful Living Association

Standard Bank

Cheque Account: 071060219

Sea Point Branch: 024109

Proof of payment: info@juliatiffin.com

Universal Kabbalah 2018 – Johannesburg

Kabbalah 1: 1-2 December 2018   Ascension into Malkuth

Kabbalah 2: 23 March 2019   Ascension Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiphareth

Kabbalah 3: 16 June 2019   Ascension into Geburah & Chesed

Kabbalah 4: 20-23 September 2019  Final retreat weekend with ascension into the supernal triad Binah, Chokmah & Kether

VENUE: Limina Lucem, 79 Boeing Rd East, Bedfordview, Johannesburg (Block H, Hinghamfield Office Park)

ENQUIRIES: Please contact Dr Rita van den Berg  083 457 8880 or dr.rita@liminalucem.co.za

REGISTRATION: Click here to register online