Universal Kabbalah is an experiential journey, a study in 4 modules – of the meaning and relationship behind the symbolism of the Tree of Life.

This 10 month ascension program gives access to hidden dimensions of understanding and awareness and the mysteries that reflect the inner nature of man.

In studying the Tree of Life, we take an experiential journey into a higher realm of consciousness and awareness.

Universal Kabbalah will allow you to take an introspective look at your day to day life, thoughts, actions and emotional patterning while elevating you into the vibrational level of each sphere of the Tree of Life; bringing you closer and closer to God and your own divine nature.

The Universal Kabbalah is not only about the knowledge and wisdom of kabbalah, it is a ceremonial process of ascension-­-spiritual and alchemical transformation that will change your life forever. Kabbalah teaches us to ask the right questions that lead to accelerated progress towards fulfilling our higher purpose in life.


Kabbalah is a way of life and will assist you to:

  • Quiet your mind
  • Clear mind clutter
  • Facilitate inner peace
  • Clear the subconscious
  • Awaken your inner gifts
  • Get clarity about your purpose
  • Open the gates of the soul to reveal your true self.
  • Assist you in becoming a Universal Being
  • Increase focus
  • Be more successful in life

PRE-REQUISITE: Empower Thyself – Adept Initiation & Life Activation

Universal Kabbalah 2018 – Cape Town

KABBALAH 1: Saturday – Sunday 15-16 September 2018

KABBALAH 2: Saturday 8 December 2018

KABBALAH 3: Thursday 11 April 2019

KABBALAH 4: Friday – Sunday 5-7 July 2019

VENUE: Cape Milner Hotel, 2 Milner Rd, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

ENQUIRIES: Should you have any questions about the program, please contact Apprentice Kabbalah Instructor Julia Tiffin for more information at

REGISTRATION: To register, please contact: Modern Mystery School Cape Town +27 82 782 8292 or

Payments to: The Joyful Living Association

Standard Bank

Cheque Account: 071060219

Sea Point Branch: 024109

Proof of payment:

Universal Kabbalah 2018 – Johannesburg

Kabbalah 1: 1-2 December 2018   Ascension into Malkuth

Kabbalah 2: 23 March 2019   Ascension Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiphareth

Kabbalah 3: 16 June 2019   Ascension into Geburah & Chesed

Kabbalah 4: 20-23 September 2019  Final retreat weekend with ascension into the supernal triad Binah, Chokmah & Kether

VENUE: Limina Lucem, 79 Boeing Rd East, Bedfordview, Johannesburg (Block H, Hinghamfield Office Park)

ENQUIRIES: Please contact Dr Rita van den Berg  083 457 8880 or

REGISTRATION: Click here to register online 


New Students:

If you are an ADEPT*:

Kabbalah 1 ~ R8073

Kabbalah 2 ~ R8073

Kabbalah 3 ~ R8073

Kabbalah 4 ~ R8073 + retreat costs

If you are a Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner**:

Kabbalah 1 ~ R6279

Kabbalah 2 ~ R6279

Kabbalah 3 ~ R6279

Kabbalah 4 ~ R6279 + retreat costs


Audit Students:

If you are an ADEPT*:

Kabbalah 1 ~ R3633

Kabbalah 2 ~ R3633

Kabbalah 3 ~ R3633

Kabbalah 4 ~ R3633 + retreat costs

If you are a Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner**:

Kabbalah 1 ~ R2826

Kabbalah 2 ~ R2826

Kabbalah 3 ~ R2826

Kabbalah 4 ~ R2826 + retreat costs


Please note your deposit is non-refundable/non-transferable.


11 @ R150 each

Scheduled approximately every 3-4 weeks.


Universal Kabbalah 2018 – Cape Town

If you register by 20 July 2018 you will receive R760 off (R280 discount applied to each class)

Register at a Kabbalah Introduction workshop in Cape Town and receive an additional R280 off (R70 discount applied to each class)!

Universal Kabbalah 2018 – Johannesburg

If you register by 1 August 2018 you will receive the first 5 Study Groups free (equivalent to R750)

* If you register for Healer’s Academy by May 2019, the difference between the price for Adepts and Certified Life Activation Practitioners will be forwarded towards the balance of your Healers Academy Training! Enquire for more details of Healers Academy dates.

** Professional Integration Date is being hosted in Cape Town for Life Activation Practitioners on Friday 14 September 2018 to maintain your Certification.