The Universal Kabbalah began in the ancient world and has been with us from the beginning of human history. The word Kabbalah means “to receive” or “that which is received.” In particular, it refers to an ancient tradition of knowledge passed down from a higher source, such as Spirit. This knowledge, along with practical techniques for integration and application are then handed down orally through a lineage of Kabbalists, from teacher to student, such that the unfoldment of each individual is realized.

The Universal Kabbalah is the purest form of metaphysical study available in the world today. It is the study of Creation and the Divine Essence of humans as a noble and essential part of our spiritual inheritance. Focused on understanding the fundamental basis of all creation, it’s goal is to reveal the purpose of our existence and to give us tools for reclaiming our birthright as co-creators on this planet. Through this study we come to the realization of who and what we are, fulfilling the ancient decree: Know Thyself!

The Kabbalah is a system for expanding our consciousness and awareness towards accelerated evolution. This system is based on the idea that all answers are within each of us, waiting to be revealed. The most important thing to living a fulfilled life is to be able to find and ask the correct questions. The Kabbalah teaches you how to ask the right questions and gives direct solutions to any problem.

The sephiroth Kether

Deciphering the ancient sacred geometric glyph of the Tree of Life, Kabbalah moves us into a new world of thinking, opening gates to hidden dimensions of understanding and awareness. This glyph is comprised of ten spheres of influence, which represent the map of the universe, including all aspects of God, and is compatible with all religious beliefs. The Tree of Life is the DNA, the blueprint, of one’s entire being. In ascending the Tree, the blueprint of life itself is explained and influenced so that we can fully transform ourselves inside and out.

The Universal Kabbalah Program is one of the most intensive and uplifting classes the Modern Mystery School offers.

Transformation and the Tree of Life

The Universal Kabbalah 10-month Ascension Program is a spiritual tradition dedicated to unlocking your greatness and aligning yourself with your life purpose through the transformation of the self.

Through climbing the Tree of Life, or “ascending” the Tree, you are activating stages of consciousness, healing, wisdom and understanding that will bring you closer to your truest actualized self in the physical.

In this workshop we will explore topics including:
… What is Kabbalah and how can it transform your life?
… How can Kabbalah help you to attain your goals – whether spiritual or material?
… What is the Tree of Life and why is it necessary for our spiritual progression as humans?

It is absolutely necessary to understand and study God and the God Essence within all of us in order to be a truly effective student of the metaphysical. The program reveals to us who and what we are and allows us to come to a higher level of knowing ourselves.

Most people think of the Jewish Kaballah when they hear of this program. However, we cannot stress enough that this system is not Jewish – it is unhindered by any religious worldview or dogmatic system and is in the very first original form of study.

The system of Universal Kabbalah taught by the Modern Mystery School is based on an internal view which is focused on the fact that all knowledge about all things can and should be found within us. We have the knowledge we need to any and all questions. The most important thing is to then find and ask the correct questions so that we might fulfill a complete and good life.

The Universal Kabbalah Program is taught over the course of one year, split into four sections:

  1. Part One: Introduction to the Kabballah with one ascension into the world of Malkuth.
  2. Part Two: Climbing up the Tree of Life (more instruction available in class) via at least one of four possible ascensions.
  3. Part Three: Continues the journey up the Tree of Life. This is perhaps the most difficult portion of the process and requires great dedication and commitment.
  4. Part Four: The final process of ascension up the Tree of Life. This is the most holy and sacred portion of the program. The class or group is isolated for 3 days during this time.