Sacred Geometry 1 is a pre-requisite for any of the Life Academies & Ritual Master program.

Geometry  as an art was formed in heaven as a precursor to all creation. Sacred Geometry is the study and contemplation of Divine Proportion and the  geometric patterns that are fundamental to the creation and structure of  the Universe. In understanding these geometric patterns and vibrational  energies, one learns the pure language of the cosmos and gains access  to universal wisdom.

Because of the complexity of the cosmos, it is no wonder that the amount of information present about the structure of its geometries is nearly limitless. The Modern Mystery School offers a series of classes designed to give students a thorough understanding of just how these sacred geometries influence and make up the Universe at large.

Sacred Geometry 1

There are a total of twelve Sacred Geometry programs. Sacred Geometry 1 is a pre-requisite for these and in Sacred Geometry 1, a student will learn:

  1. How to awaken and invoke the powers of the three primary sacred geometries (pyramid, cube, and sphere) within the body.
  2. How to connect your mind to the Divine Spirit by accessing the keys to Heaven with these sacred symbols.
  3. How to mesh sacred geometry with the four elements to enable all of your physical creations to be imbued with the Divine.
  4. How to activate a room or a building with the geometries – increasing the vibration for protection of all those within
  5. How to create a true temple of worship/sacred space.

For more information on this program, or to find the next available program date near you, please speak with your local certified MMS Guide or contact us for more information.

Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick!

  • Learn about creating Sacred Space using ancient techniques
  • Learn how to do Crystal Healings for deep healings using techniques from an ancient culture called the Mu
  • Learn how to do Crystal Readings & Crystal Dreaming
  • Learn how to use crystals to grid spaces in ancient shapes like The Sputnik to seal a space in love, abundance and more …

These healings come from an ancient lineage and have been handed down for thousands of years. This is a seminar on true magick for those who want the real thing: the ancient methods of calling in unseen forces are many!

The healings offered here use the power of crystals and date from an ancient civilization called the Mu. This system of healing taps into additional principles that crystals carry beyond the known properties of crystals. You will receive powerful tools to grid & seal your home, business etc, using your body & sacred symbols and you will learn to anchor the energy permanently using sacred crystals to grid your home/work space in ancient sacred geometrical grids such as the Sputnik etc.

You will learn how to use four separate sacred geometries with crystals in a space (work/home) by placing them in a specific order and pattern, while chanting rituals in such a way that will open doorways into different realms. These four separate patterns create:

1. Protection

2. Bring God into your home

3. Call in the God & Goddess of Light

4. Energy, completion, wholeness, abundance & manifestation of all your desires & needs