The Ceremonial Path, or Ritual Master Program, focuses on the mastery of self through the study of esoteric knowledge and the practices of ritual ceremonies.

This program follows a prescribed path of learning:

  1. Novice – the student receives the basic learning required to be effective with rituals and ceremonial work
  2. Apprentice – the student receives more advanced information about rituals and ceremonial work, as well as a magickal name which is used to enhance the ritual practice
  3. Apprentice of Practical Magick – the student is handed down some of the most powerful information available in the school, with due responsibility, and begins the journey to fully integrate the teachings to become ready for the Magus Hermeticus initiation
  4. Magus Hermeticus – the student is initiated as a full Ritual Master (or Magus Hermeticus) within the lineage of the Modern Mystery School (King Salomon’s)

The Ritual Master Program is designed to effectively train students on the proper use and technique behind working with energy in a temple setting. As a student at any level of this program you will be required to serve in various temples throughout the year.

What does a Ritual Master do?

A Ritual Master, as the name implies, is someone who has mastered various rituals. A student is not a full Ritual Master until they receive the Magus Hermeticus initiation. Ritual Masters (RMs) are trained to perform ceremonial magicks in various temples as needed and conducted throughout the year, among other things.

What are the pre-requisites for this program?

  1. Receive a Life Activation from a certified Life Activation Practitioner
  2. Complete the Empower Thyself Program
  3. Complete the Empower Thyself II Program
  4. Complete the Know Thyself Program
  5. Take the Keys to Magick Mastery Class
  6. Submit an application for approval to the school

Please be advised that students who embark along this path of study are required to complete one full cycle of the Universal Kabbalah Program before being allowed to receive the Magus Hermeticus initiation. It is also vital to receive an Adam Kadmon Activation (please see your local certified MMS Guide for more information).

Also note that for students wishing to take the Ritual Master Apprentice class and initiation it is required for them to complete the first week of Healer’s Academy.

To begin training along the Ceremonial Path a student must send in an application to be reviewed by the school’s headmaster, Gudni Gudnason. Upon acceptance the student may attend the next available Novice program and initiation.

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