There is a famous, and ancient, decree that states, “Know Thyself.” At the Modern Mystery School, we understand that to know oneself requires deep self-reflection and discovery. It is vital to us fully stepping into our potential.

This program, designed as a stepping-stone to one of our Life Academies (such as The Healer’s Academy), is an essential part of the school’s Path of Progression for students. It focuses on looking inside for the answers, while giving you a practical approach on how to do so.

The intensive 3-days the program is based on several facets of discovery: focus, expression, understanding, and meditation.

During the Know Thyself Program, students are guided to explore various aspects of their belief systems, thought processes, judgments, behaviors, and perceived realities. They are given the opportunity to release their masks of personality and to connect with their true individuality and spiritual selves. As they are guided by instructors to delve deeply into their souls, the true essence of who they are is revealed. Their personal mission becomes clear and their path opens up before them.

This program is taught by specially trained instructors to ensure the program is properly facilitated. They will hand down techniques that can be used to help students access their creative, intuitive, and meditative abilities – tapping into the rich fabric of inner knowledge and wisdom.

For more information on this program, or to register for the next available program near you, please contact us or search for a local certified MMS Guide.

Prerequisites – Life Activation, Empower Thyself Program