The Healer’s Path, as evident by its title, is all about healing. Through this path you learn techniques and powerful modalities to assist others in transforming their lives, as well as coming to an understanding of the integration between the human body and energy.

This path is extraordinarily rewarding as you serve others in a way that no one else can. Healers bring true joy, empowerment, and hope to everyone they work with – they have an impact that’s incredibly profound.

As of right now, the Modern Mystery School is offering training through its Healer’s Academy and Passion Academy. As we move forward into the future, however, we will be introducing the all new Indigo Academy and Teacher’s Academy (more information on them to be released later).

The Academies (Life Academies) each consist of various weeks of study. The Healer’s Academy, for example, is broken up into three 1-week programs. The first week is where you learn how to do Life Activations and become a Certified Life Activation Practitioner. Each week in an Academy you learn deeper, more complex, and more powerful modalities and information.

In the Healers Academy Level 1, you will gain certification to perform the Life Activation as well as other energy balancing and healing modalities.  The path of the Healer is one of service to others. in healing others, we come to heal ourselves. This is the path of the “Light Worker,” being a beacon of Light and hope for all those you meet.

The Light comes from En-sof and is distributed through the Central Sun throughout the Universe. It is the sustaining power of all living things and as such, “is” all living things. This is the force that a ‘light worker’ uses and it is imperative that one receives the proper initiation and instruction on how to work with this energy. As humans, the light is that which sustains our physical life experience. It is this same life force that creates the duality within our universe as well as within us. The battle between light and darkness is an ever on going battle, and is not one that we have a choice regarding. Our only choice is what side we choose to work for, and choose we must.

The Healers Academy provides you with sufficient knowledge and information to start your own spiritual business or to enhance the one you already have.

Healers Academy Level 1

Some of the healings taught in this week long training:

  • Life Activation
  • Basic Etheric Surgery
  • Balancing Elemental Lines
  • 16-Lotus Petal Balancing
  • Negative Crystal Removal
  • Max MeditationTM Training
  • And so much more!

After successful completion of the Healers Academy Level 1, you will be considered a certified Life Activation Practitioner.

Advanced healings and techniques are taught in Healers Academy Levels 2 and 3.  After successful completion of Levels 2 and 3 you will be considered a certified Healer.

In Healers Academy 2, you will learn 6 new healing modalities, including The Spirit Activation.

In Healers Academy 3, you will specialise in King Salomon Healing Modality (10 healings), King Salomon Mind Region (10 healings) and/or Etheric Surgery (many levels).



As a graduate of Healers Academy Level 1, you are eligible to attend the next level of Healer training, with Healers Academy Level 2. A six-day intensive program, where you are trained in 10 different modalities, including:

Full Spirit Activation

While the Life Activation amplifies your personal connection to your higher self, the FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION takes that one step further to increase your connection to your soul. By activating these higher aspects of your energy bodies, you are switching-on the superhero system that exists within everyone. This is the potential to perform miracles and the opportunity to optimize our own divinity.

This session involves awakening the Thalamus region, or “the old brain,” the Pituitary and Pineal  glands, which increases the soul’s awareness to the physical experience, thus creating a richer appreciation for this amazing life.

Activating this awareness of the soul to the physical, will:

  • Unblock channels of awareness in the body
  • Enhance the nervous system and sensory interface to the physical
  • Intensify your physical and spiritual senses
  • Fight apathy in the soul
  • Help you feel more ALIVE
  • Boost your connection to life, nature and the people around you
  • Fill you with a sense of JOY
  • Help to provide clarity in your life purpose and path of service
  • Elevate your relationship to divinity and source

And so much more…….


Our spirits are vast and eternal, beyond what the mind can comprehend, and we have participated in many past lives and off-world incarnations preparing us for this lifetime. In addition, we have a spiritual family lineage we are sourced from, just like we have a genetic family here in the physical. We have connections to Angels, Arch-angels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more and all this is stored within. We only have to use the correct key to unlock the door of understanding our vast human potential! This reading can only be done once the Life Activation has been completed.


This unique modality is one of the most powerful modalities that we have for remote healing. It used to be used by high priests and priestesses to keep their energy high between the times when they were in the temple. The practitioner accesses the original divine spark, the source of life and channels its light to the recipient.  At this point healing can take place. Permission and co-ordination is required for this healing to have its full benefit.


Laser Light Healing

Laser Light Meridian Line Balancing

Golden Spiral Reflexology

Laser Light has an immediate and direct impact of healing on the physical body.   The Laser Light not only can bring deep healing to the physical body, but it can create balance to all layers of the energy field. We are all light and this modality uses the harmonic resonance of the Light flowing through the layers of vibration of Sound, Waves, Etheric and Magnetic energies. When receiving Laser Light Healing, you are experiencing a refined, specific form of light. It is pure and intensified as a result. All light is perfectly synchronized with each other. It is a perfected physical light which brings the Light of the receiver of this modality in to balance, harmony and empowerment.


Essential oils have been long used since ancient times for physical, emotional and physical healing. They immediately raise your vibration, enhance your mood and amplify your mind-body connection. This modality using the sacred of oils of the gifts of the earth will open up channels in your body so that more light can flow through you, optimizing your energy and health through detoxification of your mind and body.


This a gentle yet effective clearing of the aura, using the earthly energies and the Sutra of the Heart. It not only clears the aura of unwanted and unserving energies, but it also seals and heals your etheric field to increase protection.



Upon graduation, you would be considered a CERTIFIED HEALER with the Modern Mystery School, equipped with a multitude of healing modalities that will enable to you to help others in their spiritual progression through healing and balancing their energies.