Where do I begin?

There are many classes that are open to the public before you choose to embark on the journey of Initiation. A few examples of these would be Astral Travel, Gifts of the Spirit, Sacred Geometry etc. There are many services that you can receive from the MMS, such as Life Activation, healing services, shamanic service etc, that will greatly enhance your life.

For those who feel called or want to be taught true lineage tools to improve your life and fulfill your purpose and serve for the betterment of mankind, we recommend the following steps:

  • Receive the Life Activation.
  • Do the Empower Thyself program (initiation)
  • Attend in no particular order the Adam Kadmon Activation, Gifts of the Spirit, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Spiritual Intuition and the Sanctuary Meditation class.
  • Do the Know Thyself program

After this point the student will be given numerous choices on becoming a specialty general healer, begin training in higher Magickal works, etc. These will be discussed more in-depth with each student in person with a senior Guide or Master Teacher (Magister Templi).

The Healer’s and Lightworker’s Path

The Hierarchy of Light has three steps in order to be in full service to the Light:

Empower Thyself Program and Initiation

Here you receive your Adept initiation and become affiliated with the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT on a permanent basis and you will receive ten times more power to do light work than before. At this level you begin to be given the deeper knowledge of forces working within your life and spirit.

Know Thyself Program and Initiation

Here you receive your 2nd Step Initiation on the path of Adepthood. The Know Thyself Program and Initiation is also the gateway to higher teachings and initiations of service in the Modern Mystery School tradition, for it is through service to others you can come to know yourself more deeply.

The Guide

This is the most difficult part of the program. It takes a great effort to become a Guide. Here is where the strength of the spirit and the power of God in its pure form manifest in the physical. A Guide must learn to love all without exception and he/she is in 100% service to the Light at all times, on all planes and in all dimensions. Guides are trained and initiated with the authority to initiate Adepts into the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT. A VERY special role indeed!

The Ceremonial Path – Becoming a Ritual Master

At some point in time you may find yourself drawn to the service of a Ritual Master – the ‘Warrior of the Light’ or what is often refered to as the ‘Road of the Wizard’. This is no joke and is not a game or some kind of fantasy! The Ritual Master is taught the most powerful magick on the planet (in due time and with dedicated work). The path of a Ritual Master is a very difficult path to walk, as it deals with the elimination of the negative ego. This path requires one to be in service to all of humanity without expectation or reward or recognition. The negative ego has no place in the mind of a Ritual Master. For within the negative ego, the dark resides and Ritual Masters are purely in service to the light!

The Ceremonial Path is very important within the structure of the Modern Mystery School. Members who follow this path dedicate themselves to service 100% of the time to others. This path requires commitment and passion, and most importantly true transformation and joy. Those who choose to follow this path will be taught various methods and techniques on impacting the world around them on a day to day basis as well as training to serve in, and perhaps lead, various temples (Osiris Temple, Isis Temple, etc.) as well as a myriad of other things.